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Why Rivergrass

Client Centered

At Rivergrass, we have a deep love and respect for the coastal regions of the Southeast United States, an ancient ecosystem that requires discovery to understand its hidden beauty.  The low-angled sunlight of the mornings and evenings, filtered through the clouds evokes a stained glass window. Our mountains are the towering cumulonimbus clouds - a shifting tableau of white, grey and blue.  And the grasses are ever present.

These grasses shelter the fish, crab and oysters in the brackish estuaries. Beach grasses serve as nesting areas for migrating shorebirds, while further inland, fresh water river grasses track the slowly moving, tannin-stained rivers and creeks. However, there is a less-obvious function of these grasses that has done more to carve the contours and shifting sands along the coast and inland rivers.  We are shaped by weather - the winds and waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are always working to change the lay of our land, to breach the marshes and beaches, continually seeking new territory for the sea.  The grasses of the rivers, marshes, and beaches protect our land.  

They are a foundation that binds together the loose beach sands and decayed matter flowing from the rivers.  They are a buffer, absorbing the beating of the relentless waves and bands of wind of the nor’easters, hurricanes, and flood tides. By the time the wind-driven waves reach higher ground, they have been blunted by the shallow waters, softened by the endless savannas of spartina and sawgrass. The sea oats grip the beach sand, leaves knocking down the windblown particles, feeding the dunes so they grow wide and high, protecting our homes and land.

Like the grasses for which we’re named, Rivergrass provides our clients with a plan designed to help protect and navigate financial storms; and in calmer times, we preserve the rhythm and beauty of community and relationships. Let us be your partner and guide for the lifelong journey of financial discovery and growth.

Exceptional advice. Remarkable value.

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