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Women Wealth & Wisdom

Client Centered

As an independent goal driven woman, I bristle a bit when hear that Financial Planning for women is “different” or needs to be “approached” differently.

Doesn't everyone want a Financial Advisor who

  • Listens to hear what is important
  • Creates a comprehensive plan focusing on the client's best interest
  • Clearly communicates the different components including fees
  • Confirms that the client's objectives have been addressed
  • Cares and wants to know when your life changes
  • Provides ongoing reviews and communication
  • Is happy to revisit questions as often as needed

Yes, there are circumstances to take into consideration when planning for women. Statistically we live longer (5 years on average)

The Gender Wage Gap (compared to $1.00 earned by white males)

  • All Women $0.82
  • White Women $.079
  • Black Women $0.62
  • Hispanic or Latino Women $.054
  • Native American Women $.057
  • Asian Women $0.90
  • Source


  • 66% of caregivers are women
  • 33% of working women decreased work hours
  • 29% passed up a job promotion, training or assignment
  • 22% took a leave of absence
  • 20% switched from full-time to part-time employment
  • 16% quit their jobs
  • 13% retired early
  • Source

Inaction due to insufficient financial education

  • You did not miss the class, there was not one

Women Wealth & Wisdom was created to share the message that Knowledge is Power when people are given the tools to make sound, educated financial decisions for themselves and their families. We are dedicated to helping women and their families learn more about investing, family finances and planning for their future by making financial management understandable, meaningful and a regular part of life. We are happy to help Men too!