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Jon Paul  Cirelli

Jon Paul Cirelli


Jon Paul Cirelli is the founder-CEO of Pivot Professional Partners, a financial advisory firm in Miami, FL. Jon Paul has decades of experience and is a knowledgeable resource for anyone passionate about investing.

Jon Paul Cirelli - Your Trusted Investment Advisor

Jon Paul Cirelli can guide your choices if you are actively investing, focused on a long-term savings strategy, seeking passive investment opportunities, or looking for tax-deferral investment options.

From asset management to alternative investment, estate, and retirement planning to tax deferral strategies, you can get the investment guidance and support you need to make prudent decisions. Jon Paul is an experienced and licensed professional who, with his research-intensive financial planning solutions, provides personalized investment advice to clients across a range of investment avenues.

Jon Paul’s Educational Background and Work Experience

Jon Paul Cirelli graduated from Nazareth College of Rochester, securing his Bachelor of Science with a double major in Business Administration and Spanish and a minor in International Business.

Innovative Financial Investment Services

Jon Paul covers everything from financial and pension planning to investment advice, estate planning, and comprehensive tax planning strategies. He has extensive expertise in alternative investments and advises clients on the best tax deferral strategies, including 1031 exchanges and 1033 Exchanges. Jon Paul Cirelli believes that financial planning is not a set-and-forget process and needs constant overseeing and tweaking to ensure it brings in solid returns.

Jon Paul Empowers Clients With His Investment Expertise

Jon Paul believes it is easier to establish trust, a lasting bond, and a strong working relationship with the client when you know what matters to them the most. When you engage with Jon Paul Cirelli, your investment strategy is specific to you.

You need an advisor by your side when you face hurdles in this area and with Jon Paul's advice and guidance. Jon Paul offers independent investment advice because personal choice is essential to planning, and every investor has specific circumstances and goals.

Focus on Specialized Investment Advisory

Jon Paul is incredibly passionate about what he does and partners with his clients, providing them with 1031 Exchanges. As a well-recognized name in the 1031 Exchange space, Jon Paul helps clients make well-informed decisions about diversifying their investment portfolios.

Sharp Economic Insight and Financial Acumen

Jon Paul has worked consistently for years, keeping his clients' goals and interests above everything and at the core of all he does. Pivot Professional Partners is not a Qualified Intermediary for 1031 Exchanges. The firm is a niche financial advisor, providing various passive and active investment solutions to high-worth investors. These investment solutions include:

Tax Deferral Strategies

  • Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Alternative Investments

  • DST/TIC Investments

  • 1031 Exchanges

  • 1033 Exchanges

  • Opportunity Zones

  • The Cirelli Difference

Jon Paul takes great pride in his triumphs and considers his clients' prosperity his achievement. His practical approach to portfolio management, in-depth knowledge of TIC investments, direct sales tax (DST), and 1031 exchange procedures, along with his commitment to his clients' needs, allow him to deliver the value they seek. He has assisted commercial and investment real estate owners using 1031 Exchanges to defer capital gains taxes on their property sales.

Pivot Professional Partners: Jon Paul's All-Service Investment Firm

A successful and well-planned exchange requires a partner familiar with how 1031 Exchanges work. There are numerous alternatives for replacement properties, each with advantages and disadvantages. Pivot Professional Partners make it easier to comprehend which properties you can choose and combine.

A Vibrant and Dynamic Personality

In his early years, Jon Paul Cirelli was a fierce professional lacrosse player. Additionally, he received the Block N Award from the Lax Foundation, which is given only to persistent committed, and dedicated players.

Jon Paul is a multifaceted individual, and in addition to having such a vibrant personal and professional persona, he also takes social responsibility seriously and works closely with the local communities in FL for charities for the underserved, the homeless, Youth Development, and more.

When You Work With Jon Paul Cirelli

With investment strategies, Jon Paul guides his clients thanks to his alternative investment vehicles, tax-deferred investment strategies, and industry skills. If you're keen to discuss your financial investment objectives, portfolio management requirements, and long-term goals, Jon Paul is ready to help. Request your appointment with Jon Paul Cirelli today.