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The Fortress Blueprint

Crafting Your Family's Financial Stronghold

Constructing diversified investment portfolios and comprehensive retirement income plans.

A tactical approach to investment portfolio management focuses on risk management as a primary objective. Our goal during generally calm markets (low volatility environments) is to attempt to play “offense” by having exposure to growth oriented risk assets. Conversely, our goal during high volatility market environments is to attempt to play “defense” by reducing exposure to risk assets in favor of cash or lower risk fixed income strategies. This strategy allows broad participation in risk assets over time for growth but endeavors to mitigate the severity of portfolio losses during the Bear Markets (defined as a 20%+ decline in the value of an index) that occur regularly over the lifecycle of an investor’s time horizon.

A key component to crafting a diversified, time-tested and comprehensive portfolio is having access to institutional quality alternative investments. Alternative investments are an often overlooked asset class. They may provide diversification by having a lower correlation with traditional equity and fixed income strategies widely available through liquid mutual funds and ETF’s.

At the foundation of a durable retirement income plan are stable and predictable income sources such as Social Security that can support the basic living expenses of housing, healthcare, food, and transportation during retirement. Social Security may need to be supplemented with other sources of income certainty, especially in the absence of pensions. A strong foundation of steady income may provide stability in your retirement income plan.

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