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Your Financial Advocate oversees your Standard of Care checklist. Much like a physician who utilizes a checklist based on a patient’s age—the standard protocols to follow and particular tests to be run—we employ a Standard of Care checklist to help ensure that all aspects of your financial well-being are attended to. Through regular conversations about a variety of topics—from planning for a child’s education to making arrangements for aging loved ones—it is our goal for you to be prepared at any stage of life for whatever challenges or opportunities come your way.

Advanced Planning

College/Education Planning

Baird Trust Services

Review Estate Plan

Family Gifting

Advanced Charitable Giving Strategies

Review Beneficiary Designations

Review Company-Sponsored Retirement Plan

Establish Emergency Fund

Establish Savings Plan

Financial Plan

Medicare Planning

Review Life Insurance

Long-Term Care Planning

RMDs and QCD Planning

Pension Analysis

Retirement Income Planning

Social Security Analysis

Review Tax Return and Withholdings

Investment Consulting

Alternative Investments

Asset Allocation

Liquidity Needs Assessment

Portfolio Review / Rebalancing

Risk Profile Discussion

Tax Efficient Portfolio Management

Dollar Cost Averaging

Relationship Management

Baird Online / 360 Wealth

Accountant and Attorney Coordination

Cash Management

Identity Theft Protection

Personal Information Guide

The Advocate Advantage™

Finding Your Financial Advisor book

Trusted Contact