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Park Avenue Securites

Whether it’s building a long-term investment strategy for retirement, saving for college, or capital preservation, Park Avenue Securities provides financial professionals with the products and tools to help you step forward to take charge of your financial future and achieve financial success.


Guardian Life Insurance Co

Help protect the people you love. Learn about your options for preparing for the future and helping protect those who depend on you for financial support. And get income protection you can count on. If you’re diagnosed with an illness, condition, or injury, a disability policy will help you pay your bills when you can’t work.


The Living Balance Sheet®

Most people use traditional financial theories and conventional wisdom as a reason to take on increased financial risk. Instead of putting your assets at risk, we consider your complete financial picture and put your financial protection first.


CashFlow Mapping

Cash flow conversations build confidence for advisors and clients. This collaborative process creates immediate value which builds trust and confidence.



Setting up online access not only gives you the ability to view your account and statements online, but also to make necessary changes more efficiently. Once you create your account, you will have the ability to link bank accounts, transfer money, take distributions, update beneficiaries, and more! Linked below are quick guides to assist you with common servicing requests. If you have any questions or need your password reset, call the Park Avenue Securities help desk at 1(888)600-4667!


There are several different types of documents that can be set up for e delivery. And even if you are enrolled for online access and set up e delivery, you may not have established e delivery for all of the different types of communications:

statements and reports
trade confirmations
tax documents
proxy/shareholder communications

To check and update your e delivery preferences:

  • once logged in
    • navigate to the Communications Tab
    • under "All Communications" is where you will see your current preferences
      • to update preferences
        • Click on "Settings" which is right next to All Communications
        • once in settings you can update e delivery, email address, security setting and contact info, account grouping, and account nicknames

*please note that is not required to sign up for e delivery*

Guardian Policies

Guardian Policies

Follow the link below to register with Guardian online; where you'll be able to view your existing policies, make payments, take loans, update contact information, etc. Currently in the process of underwriting? See our library of client-approved resources to expedite your underwriting experience!

The Living Balance Sheet®

The Living Balance Sheet® is an interactive web-based tool guided by a powerful philosophy to financial decision making. It follows a time-tested process that provides clients financial clarity, organization, and an understanding of how each financial decision affects the other.

The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS) offers a holistic overview of your personalized financial picture – and journey – all in one place. But having all your financial information readily available to you is only the first step. The step-by-step approach of LBS shows you the simple logic and order of financial decision-making that help you reach your financial goals.

Our uncommon approach to financial strategies is grounded on decades of experience. Let us help you get to the financial life you want.


Resource center

We've created an user-friendly guide to create a seamless servicing experience for you as the client. As always, if you have any questions regarding servicing on your Park Avenue Securities account(s), Guardian policy(ies), or general questions that pertain to your financial planning agreement, please feel free to contact us at 517-365-7937 or send an email to 

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