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Portfolio Management Services

Your Money

Your money should be working for you.

Just like Financial Planning, sound money management requires a sound process. Keep scrolling to learn how I work with clients' investments, what you should own and how risk works in your portfolio.

Managing Your Portfolio

The process is simple: it starts with you.

Uncovering & Collecting

We start by uncovering your priorities, what you want to achieve, and what might be holding you back. This is one of the most important things we'll do together — it will inform nearly every recommendation I make. We'll also collect detailed information about you and your investments, so I have both the emotional and quantitative elements well in hand.

Assessing & Building

This is where the behind-the-scenes work happens. Using my notes from our discussion and all the numerical information we collected, I'll assess:

  • The account type you should invest with
  • Which type of assets you should own (stocks, bonds, cash, alternatives)
  • The best way to access those assets (direct ownership, mutual funds, exchange traded funds)

I'll then build a portfolio that reflects my assessment and specifically serves each of your goals. For example, my recommendation for a college fund would look very different from that of a retirement fund.

Executing & Managing

Nothing happens without your say-so. After we walk through my recommendations, it's up to you to tell me to act on them. Once my recommendations have been executed, it's vital to manage your investments over time.

We'll ask ourselves questions like:

  • Did we get the results we expected?
  • Are we satisfied with the results we've gotten?
  • Do we understand these results?

It's likely that we'll make changes periodically. Those updates might be in response to changes in your circumstances, movement in the investing environment, or because we aren't happy with our results.

My process is specifically designed with a feedback loop so we can keep your investments fresh and in sync with your changing circumstances.

I keep your investments in sync with your life

What You Should Own

What should I own? When should I buy, hold, or sell? These are questions that investors ask themselves (and me) all the time. Part of a solid plan is having a portfolio of investments designed to serve each of your personal financial goals. I offer clients not just advice and expertise but context to better understand the results they get from their investments.

You should understand what you own, why you own it, what it costs to own, how it fits into your plan, and how it fits into the broader world of investments.

Moreover, understanding your own investor psychology and personal biases means I may be able to help you avoid mistakes that could undermine your long-term success. It’s often the mistakes we avoid that keep us on track.

Know what you own and why you own it

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Investing doesn't always mean you have to take a lot of risk.

If you are new to investing or have been burned in the past, you may be asking yourself:

  • Are stocks too risky for me?
  • Should I just sit in cash? It seems safer.
  • What are bonds? Should I invest in them?
  • What is a healthy rate of return?
  • How should I invest my 401(K)?

Before we can answer any of these questions, it’s vital to learn how much risk you can tolerate.

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