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 Kay Rau

Kay Rau

After working at Trailwood Elementary school for years, I joined Goostree Financial Group in 2012.  This was a return to the financial world for me, having been at Jones and Babson, a provider of mutual fund products and services, as well as having worked at United Missouri Bank.

Often the first contact someone has with Goostree Financial Group, it makes sense I would enjoy talking with clients. And I do! I manage the practical parts of the business—setting up accounts, distributing money to clients, and helping people get set up online. I’m supportive by nature, so this position suits me, and I like the variety of my work. Growing up in Manhattan, KS, surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, and the occasional pet raccoon or squirrel, I’m no stranger to triage!

One of the best parts of my job is the long-term relationships we have with our clients. It really is a solid, happy group. After almost a decade, I can’t imagine working somewhere else!