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What is the Chive? What is KCCO?

| October 10, 2014
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Question: What Is 'KCCO'? What Does KCCO Stand For?

You may see advertising for t-shirts and hats emblazoned with 'KCCO'. You'll probably see links and blog headings with KCCO embedded in the text. But what exactly does 'KCCO' mean?

Answer: KCCO is a modern slang acronym for 'Keep Calm, Chive On'. While the KCCO phrase originated with different wording during World War II, it has recently morphed into a modern pop culture reference revolving around the The Chive, a blog site dedicated to curious news and bizarre photos.

'Keep Calm and Chive On': What Exactly Does This Expression Mean?

While the KCCO expression first started in World II, KCCO is now a modern slang expression in the same way 'Hang Loose', 'Be Cool', 'Live and Let Live' were popular in decades past. KCCO is a youthful and modern way way to say 'don't stress too much about life, just enjoy it'.

The original KCCO phrase came from World War II, when the British government would post propaganda posters of 'keep calm and carry on' to help boost citizen morale after air attacks on England's cities. The phrase has since been modified by The Chive.

What Is 'The Chive'?

The Chive is a blog site of photos, videos, and news links that highlights curious news and bizarre stories around the world. It also is a venue for provocative photos and young people who wish to showboat online. The curiosity and youthful appeal of The Chive website has garnered a massive cult following on the Internet, and millions of readers everywhere visit The Chive every day to get their daily dose of laughter and smiles

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