401k Plans

Discover the Csenge Advisory Group difference.

As a business owner and/or professional service organization you are the expert in your field, not in administering retirement plans. But that is our business and we are specialists at it. We provide advisory services to design, implement, and monitor 401(k) and other retirement plans for businesses of all sizes.

Rely on our unbiased perspective, breath of experience, and knowledge about the retirement plan industry to help you evaluate options, make the best choices to meet your company and your participants objectives, and fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Don't settle for less than the best in your 401(k) plan.

Why? Because a good plan may be adequate, but a GREAT plan can help you grow your company's bottom line. That's right; multiple studies have shown that providing a robust retirement plan with the right features and services can add to the company bottom line through improved employee loyalty and productivity.

It can also be a competitive advantage. The most valuable resource in many businesses is the people. When seeking to attract top talent, a great retirement plan may very well be the deciding factor between landing that person or watching them head to the competition.

Let Us Help You Stay On Course

Traditional 401(k) plans can offer limited investment selections, hidden fees, confusing pricing schedules, and limited fiduciary protection. At Csenge Advisory Group we can work with you in whatever capacity makes sense for your company to help you deliver a retirement plan that is truly a robust employee benefit and competitive edge for your firm.

We would be pleased to handle specific aspects such as enhancing investment options and participant advice, improved educational resources, fee auditing and cost management, acting as fiduciary advisor, or providing full comprehensive management of your entire program.