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How We Serve You

At Gatewood Wealth Solutions, your goals drive everything we do. After gaining a thorough understanding of your specific financial situation and personal life goals, we chart a custom path to help you work towards financial freedom. Then, we act as a coach to keep you on course.

By combining comprehensive wealth planning, integrated technology and financial behavior coaching, we help you pursue the financial future you envision for you and your family. And, because we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard, you can be confident that every decision we make is in your best interests.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Mitigating risk is a big part of planning for future success. By taking a 360-degree view of your financial life, we help ensure that you’re covered from all angles—and then check in regularly to make sure you’re on track toward reaching your goals.

From an investment standpoint, we actively invest to meet your families’ future cash flow needs by aligning your portfolio with current market conditions. We believe in the pursuit of tactical beta, and our time-tested approach aims to optimize the balance between risk and return in your portfolio, based on your personal goals.

View our financial planning process below, or read about our Investment Philosophy here.

-- All investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. Tactical allocation may involve more frequent buying and selling of assets and will tend to generate higher transaction cost. Investors should consider the tax consequences of moving positions more frequently.

Integrated Technology

Keeping tabs on your financial life should be as easy as checking your smartphone. With our mobile app, you can access your financial plan, investment performance and cash flow at any time from your mobile device or laptop. Plus, you can quickly send messages and updates back and forth with your advisor while on-the-go.

This digital accessibility by no means replaces in-person meetings, but rather enhances them by offering you real-time updates. View the video at right for a more in-depth demo of how our platform works.


Financial Behavior Coaching

Wealth is inherently dependent on the choices people make—especially when it comes to behaviors around money. That’s why one of our firm’s greatest values is our financial behavior coaching. We guide you in making decisions that will seek to help you grow and preserve your wealth over time.

The video at left explains how we help clients deal with lifestyle inflation--one aspect of behavior coaching.

For more, view our full video library here >>