Daring Droid Mythic

Event Overview

The Mythic version of the Legendary Event Daring Droid let's you replay the last tier of the original event along with two newly added tiers. It rewards MK V-B or Mk V-A mods and will require Empire and Rebel characters. The event lasts for two days and will automatically refresh at the 24 hour mark allowing you to play all tiers twice if played each day it is active.

Tier I (Hard):

Requirements (Level 75+):

  • Emipre Characters

Tier II (Very Hard):

Requirements (Level 85, 7 Star, Gear 10+):

  • Any 5 Characters

Bonus Tier:

Requirements (Level 85, 7 Star, Gear 11+):

  • Rebel Characters
  • R2-D2

Event Rewards (Drops: 1 Gear, credits, and Mods)