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Private Client Services

Focusing on what’s important to You!

Our commitment to you is to provide you with personalized financial solutions that take into account all aspects of your life and offer guidance, clarity of thought and expertise to help you gain confidence in a more secure financial future.

We will spend time talking about your goals surrounding your family and health, leisure and comfort, simplifying your finances, retirement planning and many other things that impact your quality of life and that will be part of your long-term plan

360 LifeMap Strategies


clarify vision
& future

balance work
& life

create financial

help & protect

build a

plan for the future

financial planning
retirement income
estate planning
business succession

meet needs

income planning
social security
corporate benefits

simplify finances

investment & savings
home & assets

help children

allowance & savings
loans & gifting
special needs
learning about money

execute intentions

wills & trusts
power of attorney
medical directives
protect heirs

ease life’s transitions

leaving my home
career & profession

enhance lifestyle

vacation home
family trips & events
hobbies & leisure
lease v. buy

reduce taxes

tax-loss harvesting
asset location
stock options strategies

assist parents

long-term care
eldercare counseling
medical & housing

help beneficiaries

special needs
trusts & trustees

live my values

clarify my mission
give to community
volunteer my time
align investments

manage health

long-term care
care concierge
wellness & nutrition

protect assets

business continuity
corporate structure

fund education

savings & investments
pre-paid tuition
student/parent loans

give to charities

planning strategies
tax-advantaged gifts
low-basis assets


360 Expert Team

Depending on your goals, needs and unique situation, the insights and expertise of the following professionals may be required:




  • Actuary
  • Business Attorney
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Estate Attorney
  • Fiduciary
  • Geriatric Care Manager
  • Life, Health, & Disability Insurance Specialist
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Broker
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Philanthropic Consultant
  • Private Banker
  • Real Estate Broker