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Columbia Office

8850 Columbia 100 Parkway

Suite 306
Columbia, MD 21045

Our Holistic Approach

Initial Meeting

he first meeting is to introduce ourselves to each other. This will allow us to understand your goals, dreams, and objectives. Also, the first meeting will allow you to understand our strategies and methods to determine if we are a good fit. There is no charge for the first meeting.

We ask that you fill out our Fact Finder prior to your first appointment and return it to us via email, fax, or mail and bring*:

  • Latest Investment Statements
  • Previous Year’s Tax Returns
  • Latest Social Security Statements

Follow-Up Meeting

This meeting will be held to discuss your strategy. This is a critical time in your financial journey; where we will be discussing investment strategy, risk tolerance, and objectives to help you work toward your goals. As always, we want all of our clients to understand that we will work to gain their trust, nothing is finalized until the client is ready to move forward. Essentially we will begin filling out forms to set up your new account. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust, respect, and friendship of one and other.

90 day Post Signing Follow-up

After your strategy has been implemented we set up a 90 day Post Signing Follow-Up. We use this time to review your statements, answer any questions, make adjustments to your portfolio, and to get your documents in order.

Six Month Account Review

We like to meet our clients at least twice a year (more if needed) to review their portfolio. These meetings are considered regular progress reviews; we will focus on asset management, wealth protection, and address questions that the client has at that time. We review our clients’ portfolios all year and contact them as necessary however an annual review will help to get all items in order to plan for a brighter future.

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