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Comprehensive Portfolio Management

As part of our Comprehensive Portfolio Management service, you will be provided asset management and financial planning or consulting services.  This service is designed to help you exceed your financial goals by finding out what is most important to YOU.  Our team conducts meetings to gain a complete understanding of your current financial situation, existing resources, financial goals, and tolerance for risk. 

What is Included

Analysis of risk exposure and asset allocation of current investment assets.

Propose asset allocation and risk-adjusted portfolio based on your individual situation. 

Portfolios are continuously and regularly monitored, and if necessary, rebalanced based upon your individual needs, stated goals, and objectives. 

Budgeting and cost saving analysis.

Insurance review and proposal of appropriate coverage. This includes helping our clients shop for cost savings through our network of providers and brokers. 

Tax based financial planning and proposal of beneficial tax strategies. Cash flow and income analysis of current retirement assets for retirees in the distribution phase. 

Much more...