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Young Professionals

Are you looking for assistance regarding your personal finances? Are you considering a financial advisor for the first time or are you a do-it-yourself type and already have a robo-advisor, but would like a second opinion?  Experiencing FOMO?  Would you rather talk to a peer instead of your parent’s financial advisor?    

Associated Planning Services, Inc.’s newest team member, Frederic (Eric) Hoffman IV, can relate to your situation; married, paying a mortgage, growing his family, and still paying off student loans, Eric shares the struggles facing many young professionals as they climb the socioeconomic ladder.   Eric has joined the family business; guiding clients through life changing events and helping them achieve their financial goals. He brings a similar point of view to the issues facing his generation while having access to the valuable expertise from the other seasoned advisors in the office.


Choose an advisor who understands your unique concerns; one who can help to figure out balancing your immediate financial needs with saving for the future.  Just worrying about your finances won’t get you anywhere; it’s time to do something about it. Whatever your reason, why not give Eric a call? The direction your future takes starts with a simple conversation. 


 Focus Areas

  1. Budgeting – It might be basic, but it makes all the difference.
  2. Debt Management – Pay down your debt while simultaneously growing your financial future.
  3. Retirement account analysis – Have a 401(k) through your work, but don’t know what you’re investing in or how it works? Looking for a second opinion?
  4. Student Loan Analysis – Have you looked into refinancing? Forgiveness programs?
  5. Investment/Portfolio review – Looking to invest, but concerned about the market? Don’t understand the market?
  6. Life events – Looking to purchase a house or car? Rent or Lease? Wedding bells in your future? A little one on the way?
  7. Insurance, Financial Education, Beneficiary Review, Credit Reports, Education Funding, Inheritance Planning, Legacy and Estate Planning, and More.

Financial advice isn’t meant to predict the future but to prepare for the future. Tell us your key concerns and we’ll work with you to build a personalized plan focusing on your goals and aspirations. Getting started on the right track when you’re young can make all the difference for your future.