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Eric Copeland, CFP®

Eric Copeland, CFP®

Private Wealth Advisor

Similar to Brandi Holmes, the Founder and President of Anchor Private Planning, if you were to have asked Eric Copeland, CFP™ why he became a financial advisor eighteen years ago, his response would have been, “I wanted to help change people’s lives through education and mutual learning.”

Raised in the Panhandle Plains of Texas, Eric developed a keen interest in history listening attentively to his grandfathers as they shared stories of the Great Depression and their experiences during the Dust Bowl in the Oklahoma Panhandle and West Texas. He learned from their stories the importance of savings and family financial planning. As a young man, his father worked in a meat packing plant, and through his hard work managed to save a little each year. As Eric was beginning his history and philosophy studies at Texas Tech University, his father was able to leave the packing plant and begin working with his mother, traveling and selling their arts and crafts.
While a freshman at Texas Tech, Eric met his future wife, Shannon. Her step-father worked in the financial industry and Shannon shared with Eric various ideas of investing and diversification and echoed the importance of financial planning, beginning his interest in financial markets.

After graduating from Texas Tech, Eric enlisted in the United States Army, where he served in Signal Intelligence with 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). While deployed to the U.S. Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique to assist with a humanitarian demining mission, Eric developed a particular interest in macroeconomics and international institutions. This interest led him to join the financial industry in 2000 to better understand capital markets.

As a financial planner with more than a decade of experience with investments and strategic portfolios, Eric completed his Master’s Thesis on the Proposals for an International Clearing Union, Bretton Woods, and the Marshall Plan, which clarified Central Bank planning and economic theories underlying investments and savings. This background helped Eric navigate clients through the Financial Crisis of 2008 and remain focused on investment strategies based on the tenants of financial planning and diversification.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ with a special needs daughter, Eric remains focused on family financial planning and understands the importance of a trusted financial professional to help families as their copilot through the various life-stages of investing. In a complex world of various investment products, Eric believes it is important to develop a professional relationship with an advisor, who is independent from Conflicts of Interest that arise with corporate quotas, sales goals, and revenue sharing throughout the industry. He focuses on transparency and is an advocate for not only full fee disclosure but believes it is important for clients to fully understand how their advisor is compensated for planning and investment management.

After having worked with Brandi Holmes, CFP™ for well over a decade, Eric joined Anchor Private Planning and Brandi’s team because her vision and leadership provide the opportunity to focus on what is ultimately most important: our clients and building relationships and strategies to not only map the future but to navigate through the unexpected.

Eric has been married to his wife Shannon since 1995, and they have a 20-year-old daughter, Emma, who is autistic. They are the lights of his life. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, fishing, and spending time with his family.